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Bridesmaid Bracelets for the Perfect Wedding Gift


Your bridesmaids are not only there to celebrate your wedding with you, they are also there to offer their love, support and essential help on your special day.  Bridesmaids are also the special group of women who are there to make sure that your wedding ceremony and reception are both perfect and memorable. 

Because these are your closest friends or family members, and because they are there for you on your special day, it is important that you choose bridesmaid gifts that show your appreciation and tell each bridesmaid how special she is to you. One great wedding day gift for your bridesmaids is a beautiful bracelet that they can wear on the day of the wedding and for many years afterwards. 


Bracelets are Special Reminders of your Wedding

Every woman loves jewelry and bracelets let you thank your bridesmaids with a gift that celebrates your special day.  In addition, these bracelets are lasting keepsakes to remind your bridesmaids of your wedding every time they wear them at the many special occasions to come.  Bridesmaid bracelets are the perfect gift to thank your special friends and relatives for being such an important part of your wedding day. 

Bracelets are relatively inexpensive gifts, but they make a huge statement since they are extremely personal and thoughtful.  Unlike a necklace or earrings, a bracelet is the one special piece of jewelry that a woman can see at all times when she is wearing it, so it serves as a constant reminder of when she received it.  It’s sure to bring back happy memories of the occasion as well as of the giver.


Bracelets Can Be Personalized

Giving each woman a slightly different and individualized gift is a great way to show your appreciation while recognizing her individual style.  Oftentimes, bridesmaids will wear identical dresses so giving each one a unique bracelet is a way to let her own personality shine through even though she is dressed like the other members of the wedding party.  Charm bracelets or bracelets engraved with each of the bridesmaid's first names or initials make the gift personal and special. Another way to personalize bridesmaid bracelets is to choose bracelets that feature symbols that have personal significance to each person, like the bridesmaid's birthstone, favorite animal or significant symbol.  Another nice touch is to pick a bracelet in each of the bridesmaid's favorite color as long as they do not clash with the colors of your wedding.

It is becoming more and more popular to give jewelry to the bridesmaids to wear on the special day. It can look very glamorous and pulls together the whole wedding party.  But remember to choose bridesmaid bracelets that suit the style and taste of the women in your wedding party and not just the style of your wedding.  That way, they can wear their bridesmaid bracelets long after your wedding day and they will be sure to think of you every time they wear them.

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<![CDATA[Time Out NY: Wedding Jewelry Under $100]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/time-out-ny-wedding-jewelry-under-100/  

Time Out NY

Time Out NY features Tejani Classic Non-Openable Bracelet B0852 in their story, "Wedding Jewelry Under $100."

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<![CDATA[GalTime.com: 3 Ways to Sparkle on Your Wedding Day]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/three-ways-to-sparkle-on-your-wedding-day/ Originally Posted on GalTime.com, May 9, 2011

Here comes…wedding season! You have your dream gown ready to go, but what about the finishing touches? Urvi Prunier, Designer of Tejani Bridal Jewelry, introduces GalTime to three trends coming down the aisle, and shows us how to shine without going overboard!Statement Brooch BB04, $100

Add bling with a brooch: Whether you’ve inherited grandma’s brooch and it's become a must-wear, or you choose to wear it simply because it belonged to her, brooches are a great addition to your wedding-day attire. (And don't forget, they can also serve as your "something borrowed" or "something old.") Depending on the size of the piece, you can wear the brooch as an accessory to your gown's sash, and to complement your other jewelry. If your gown doesn't have a sash or belt, my personal favorite is to pin a brooch on as an elegant extra to a satin or silk clutch. Talk about upping the bling factor! Pins can also dress up a plain bridal shoe. If you're rocking a shorter hem, it's the perfect way to show off your fabulous new kicks!


Make a statement: The simple trick here: PICK your statement and OWN your look! If it’s a statement necklace, go light in the ears with diamond studs. If you choose oversized earrings, keep it bare at the neckline and possibly add a dainty bangle. If the arm is where you want the focal point, you can make a statement with stackable bangles. There's no need to skimp on the accessories, so have fun!

Long Pearl Necklace, $350

Change up your look: If you envision something “classic” for your walk down the aisle, but want to let loose during the reception, coordinate your jewelry to these looks. After you tie the knot, throw on a few extra bangles and switch out your elegant pearl studs for a statement-making chandelier pair.

  • Chandelier Statement Earrings, $235
  • Classic Non-Openable Bracelet Set, $100
  • Here are some more things to keep in mind before wedding bells ring:

    DON'T wait until the last minute! You never want your accessories to be an afterthought. Allow enough time to try them on with your gown, and make sure you've achieved the final look you want.

    DO go big! If a downward ‘do is your hairstyle of choice, punch up the look with bigger earrings.

    DON'T over accessorize! If the gown is heavy on the embroidery, choose light pieces to compliment it. If you have your heart set on a chunky necklace, skip an arm full of bangles and earrings that hit your shoulders.

    DO accessorize your bridesmaids! You found the perfect bridesmaid dresses, so take a few minutes to complete the look. Offer suggestions to your girls that allow them to express their individuality, while still keeping the storyline consistent

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    <![CDATA[Checklist for Bridal Accessories]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/checklist-for-bridal-accessories/ Accessorizing Your Wedding with Tejani Jewelry

    In some cases, a checklist can be a bride’s best friend! Remember that first bridal book you purchased with the list of a gazillion “to-do” items? Well, somewhere in that list you are bound to come across bridal jewelry.

    Shortly after you purchase your dress is a great time to start looking for bridal accessories. You’ll want to wait until after you’ve made the final decision on your dress because you need to be sure your accessories coordinate perfectly with your gown. Take a moment to review the bridal accessory details below and you can check another item off that wedding prep list!  

    Bridal Accessories: Necklaces

    When you shop for a wedding necklace you have to take into consideration the neckline of the wedding dress. Does your dress have straps, is it strapless, or are there embellishments around the bust? All of these factors will have an impact on your necklace choice. Many brides with an embellished neckline will opt to forgo a necklace and choose a stunning pair of earrings and bracelet instead. After all, bridal accessories should be added to complement your dress, not overpower it.

    Bridal Accessories: Earrings

    Earrings can be a great accessory for any bride. When selecting a pair of earrings, be especially sure to keep your hairstyle and other accessories in mind. If you’ve chosen a statement necklace, you might add a pair of stud earrings or a smaller drop earring to your shopping list instead of a dramatic pair. If you’re keeping your neck simple, go for a statement with your bridal earrings.

    Bridal Accessories: Handbags

    What girl doesn’t love a new handbag, especially on her wedding day? Wedding handbags can be a fun and very useful bridal accessory. Do you need to add a wedding handbag to your shopping list? Think about the logistics of your wedding day festivities along with your bridal style to make that call.

    Bridal Accessories: Bracelets

    A beautiful wedding bracelet can be the perfect accessory, particularly when paired with complementary earrings. When you’re shopping for a bracelet, make sure to choose one that has a great fit. (Fortunately, Tejani makes choosing a well fitting bangle easy with wedding bracelet sizing.)

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    <![CDATA[Wedding Jewelry Designs For Every Brides Personality]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/Wedding-Jewelry-Designs-For-Every-Brides-Personality/ Jewelry Tips For Every Bride


    Exploring wedding jewelry designs can be the most fun part of planning your big day. Discover a variety of handcrafted jewelry designs at Tejani.com.

    Your wedding day is your ultimate opportunity to shine – and to have the shimmering jewelry to match your bridal glow! Wedding jewelry designs are almost endless in variety and always evolving, and you’ll find the best in artfully handcrafted wedding jewelry at Tejani.

    If you don’t already have a style in mind for your bridal look, get ready for an adventure! Remember how much fun it was to try on jewelry when you were a little girl? The necklaces were oversized then, and the bracelets dropped right off your arms, so now is your moment to enjoy the fun even more.

    wedding jewelry looks

    Dive into the range of wedding jewelry designs and styles available. Imagine yourself as a vintage bride, with a richly cascading necklace reminiscent of the opulence of Victorian England or a pair of earrings that reflects the daring glamour of the 1920s. Or try on a modern look for size; envision your wrist ensconced in a statement bracelet with contemporary flair or your neck encircled by a necklace with boldly shaped gems. Feeling romantic? Consider the look of a fairy princess bride, your hair dotted by pearl hair pins or your ears dripping with delicate cubic zirconia. Perhaps your day as a bride is your chance to showcase your daring side by choosing a necklace that attracts every eye in the room.

    The best part is: it’s all open to you! Let your imagination run wild and your appreciation of beauty and sparkle out into the open. Have fun with your bridal jewelry; it’ll show through as your guests admire the jewelry pieces that adorn your personality perfectly.

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