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Our Spring 2014 collection is finally here! We’re so excited to introduce to you a whole new look for Tejani! We’ll never forget our classic roots, but we are having so much fun embracing totally different, new trends and styles!

            We’re taking 2014 by storm and introducing brand new clutches, a never-before-seen resort wear collection, fabulous new vintage pieces and, keeping with our classic roots, a something blue collection! Needless to say Urvi’s been very busy gearing up for 2014 (Tejani’s tenth anniversary!).

From your wedding day to girls night out, our clutches can go anywhere! --We’ve added so many it was hard to choose just one as our favorite!

            After a great debate, the winner had to be this gorgeous patterned silver bag! The details that go into this handbag must be seen in person! The design is meticulous and will have all of your guests jealous and gushing! It’s also made in a hard casing which gives this bag a long lasting quality for your collection. 


Favorite Clutch


Next up is our vintage collection! These vintage designs are great for unique brides wishing to have a chic look on their wedding day. All of our new earrings and necklaces are fantastic for your vintage/rustic themed wedding. The darker color also works perfectly with off-white and other quirky colors you decide for a dress!

            My personal favorites are these gorgeous drop earrings! The sparkle is perfect to add that touch of glam! These are great especially if you’re going low-key with everything else! 

Vintage Earrings


Our new resort wear has tons of new statement necklaces that will look perfect on the beach! All of our new pieces are perfect for the beach wedding dress look! You’re guaranteed to look fun and fresh with these designs! I love the bright colors and gorgeous statement design of our new necklace! Make sure you’re wearing the right neckline for this fun piece!



Our something blue collection combines earrings and a fantastic clutch! My favorite is the most colorful of our collection! These earrings have blue, but also green and purple and silver and orange! All of the colors mesh perfectly together. This something-blue earring is multi-faceted and could work for vintage and destination themes, too! The shape is to die for and the crystals will have you glistening all the way down the aisle.


            Finally, our new pearl statement necklace is brand new to the Tejani collection! This necklace is a never-before-seen high-fashion piece that is the ultimate adornment! Only the most confident and fierce bride could rock this down the aisle!


            Despite playing favorites, we love every new piece of jewelry coming to bridal this February. Each of our new pieces is beautiful and unique in their own way! The perfect piece of jewelry for your wedding is waiting just for you at Tejani!

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<![CDATA[The Great Gasby]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/GreatGasby/ The Great Gasby


Great Gasby Cover

We all waited with baited breath this summer to see the movie of the year.

The Great Gatsby novel, by F. Scott-Fitzgerald, paints an elegant and tortured picture of life in America’s 1920’s. When filmmakers brought the story to the big screen for the second time this past summer, we were met with fantastic imagery we never could have imagined!

What’s not to love about the indulgent lifestyle of the Great Jay Gatsby? He’s rich, he’s stylish, he’s dedicated—okay maybe a little obsessive, but just look at that hair!

 The Great Gastby movie has begun to influence weddings and, not to mention, many a Pinterest board. Can you imagine Jay Gatsby planning your wedding? That would definitely make for a fabulous and elegant affair! Unfortunately Gatsby’s not up for hire, but brides have been keeping him in mind while planning their wedding party styles, venues, music, and of course jewelry! 


Urvi was definitely inspired by the film! The Tejani Bridal collection reflects Daisy Buchannan’s taste for pearls and sparkles, and Jordan Baker’s stylish statement pieces. Now you can emulate these fabulous ladies anytime you want with Tejani jewelry!






Link: http://www.pinterest.com/tejanijewelry/go-great-gatsby/

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<![CDATA[Winter Weddings]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/winter/ intro image


The most romantic and posh brides often prefer to have their weddings in winter. This is because wintertime can bring about some of the most elegant affairs one can attend. No one can deny that winter is a magical time. Winter can also be very romantic, it is a time for the holidays and being with your special someone and family. You can’t go wrong with glitz and glam for a New Year’s wedding, and there’s nothing like a cozy Christmas wedding complete with pinecones and garlands of greenery. But whichever approach you take with your winter wedding style, make sure that you and your bridesmaids are wearing the appropriate jewelry to complete your winter fantasy wedding!


For the glamorous New Year’s Eve bride, get completely iced out so you’re dripping in jewels!

New Years Bride


For cozier Christmas weddings, keep things classic with pearls and modest baubles.




Keep warm in your winter wedding wrap, but keep it chic by adding a shiny brooch.

cozy xmas

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<![CDATA[Sneak Peek: Martha Stewart's Wedding Party]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/sneak-peek-martha-stewarts-wedding-party/ Sneak Peek: Martha Stewart's Wedding Party


Martha Stewart's throwing a wedding party and you're invited!  See the latest bridal fashions, talk with top wedding vendors, and get expert advice from the likes of Darcy MillerSylvia Weinstock, and Abby Larson, not to mention a complete destination and honeymoon lounge by Kleinfeld Bridal.  This amazing extravaganza all hosted by Claudia Hanlin's The Wedding Library.

Plus, TEJANI will have jewelry exclusively available to see and try, while you wait for our new store opening!

Watch a sneak peek of the showcase:


martha stewart wedding party preview

martha stewart wedding party

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<![CDATA[We Love GayWeddingPlanningNYC.com]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/we-love-gay-wedding-planning-nyc/ Gay Wedding Planning NYC logo

Gay Wedding Planning NYC


TEJANI Proudly Supports LGBT Weddings


Love is love, and we of TEJANI Jewelry produly support same-sex marriage!  Poised to become the largest vendor directory for gay and lesbian wedding resources in New York City, we're thrilled to partner with Gay Wedding Planning NYC.


About Gay Wedding Planning NYC

Gay Wedding Planning NYC connects gay and lesbian couples from all over the world with top wedding vendors in the city. All showcased companies must undergo review before an invitation to join is granted -- this ensures our couples the New York City wedding they deserve. 


Visit GayWeddingPlanningNYC.com and browse hand-picked wedding vendors for the gay and lesbian community.

For vendor consideration please email: peter@gayweddingplanningnyc.com

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<![CDATA[Urvi Goes to India: 2013 Bridal Jewelry Collection]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/urvi-goes-to-india-2013-bridal-jewelry-collection/ Urvi Tejani Creates 2013 Bridal Jewelry Collection


Urvi Goes to India: 2013 Bridal Jewelry Collection


Urvi's on her way to India to work with our craftsmen for ournew 2013 bridal jewelry collection!  Don't worry, if you've been eyeing our best sellers, they're safe, but be on the lookout for gorgeous new styles for every bride - traditional and casual, glam goddess, timeless vintage, rustic beauty and destination weddings - available next year!!

Stay tuned for sneak peeks of the new line and journal of Urvi's experience in India.

In the meantime, YOU TELL US: what are you hoping to see?  Share your thoughts with us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tejanijewelry

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<![CDATA[An Inspirational Story of Finding Love FOR Your Life AND in Your Life]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/inspirational-story-finding-love-for-life-and-in-life/ An Inspirational Story of Finding Love FOR Your Life AND in Your Life


I came across this video the other day by happenstance, and I think we can all learn such a valuable lesson from this man's, Nick Vujicic, life.  In the face of adversity - born without arms or legs - he is able to see life as opportunity.  In fact, he is accomplishing more than most 25-year-olds I know (and let's be real, a lot of people of any age), and I bet quite a bit happier, too. 

I'll let the video speak for itself.  Grab some tissues...

Congrats to you both, Nick Vujicic and Kanae Miyahara!!!

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<![CDATA[July's Best-Selling Wedding Jewelry]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/july-best-selling-wedding-jewelry/ And July's Best-Selling Wedding Jewelry Is...


Kate's Drop Earrings Tejani July Best-Seller

Kate's Classic Drop Earrings B126 {buy now}

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<![CDATA[Memorial Day Discounts!]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/memorial-day-discounts-2012/ Enjoy More Savings for Memorial Day!


Memorial Day Sale


Start Shopping Memorial Day Sale Now!


Pearl Chandelier Earrings B0706 NOW $59 (save $51!)

Vintage Chandelier earrings B0803 NOW $49 (save $61!)

Chandelier Statement Earrings B011 NOW $59 (save $131!)

Pearl Drop Earrings B0857 NOW $49 (save $26!)

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<![CDATA[The Leading Ladies in Bridal]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/leading-ladies-in-bridal/ Meet the Amazing Eight - a group of the top bridal company owners based in NYC - what makes them special and how they are giving back.


Leading Ladies in Bridal

From left-right: Gabriella Risatti, Gabriella New York; Stacey Weinstein, Once Upon a Bride; Jacqueline Weppner, Merci New York; Urvi Tejani, TEJANI Jewelry; Ceci Johnson, Ceci New York; Sylvia Weinstock, Sylvia Weinstock Cakes; Ariane Goldman, twobirds Bridesmaid; Kellie Walsh, 4Eyes PhotographyPhoto courtesy 4Eyes Photography.


Sylvia Weinstock


Sylvia Weinstock

Sylvia Weinstock Cakes



About Sylvia Weinstock Cakes

Thirty two years ago Sylvia Weinstock started an industry.  At that time, a delicious tasting cake did not look beautiful and a beautiful cake was stale and not delicious.  By making the ornaments in advance, she was able to create a cake that was both delicious and beautiful.  With that product, Sylvia was off and running, and New York was ready for her.  The major hotels started to buy her product, send her clients, as well as promoting Sylvia Weinstock Cakes. 

Sylvia now travels all over the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East delivering her famous cakes.  She boasts: “We have a wonderful clientele that spans generations. My team is the very best!”

Giving Back

Sylvia is an active member of NACE, involved in Les Dames Escoffier and lends her knowledge speaking for the industry to organizations such as The Junior League.  Even more inspiring: she’s a breast cancer survivor and speaks to women’s groups on the subject.


Urvi Tejani


Urvi Tejani

TEJANI Jewelry



About TEJANI Jewelry

After planning her own wedding, only to find high couture jewelry and accessories inaccessible to brides-to-be, jewelry designer Urvi Tejani created the TEJANI Bridal Jewelry collection, a stunning – and happy – medium, never compromising style, quality or a bride’s budget.

By combining her keen fashion sense with the designs of local Mumbai, India craftsmen, Urvi brings home a bridal jewelry collection with a touch of ethnic heritage and a great deal of modern flair. Undoubtedly, each piece of TEJANI wedding jewelry is an original—never a copy of another’s design or vision.

Urvi lends her styling expertise to brides around the world through her complimentary online personal recommendations and private, one-on-one appointments in her NYC showroom. 

Giving Back

TEJANI Jewelry proudly supports Wish Upon a Wedding, a nationwide organization that celebrates the courage, determination and spirit of couples in love during their most challenging times.  “We believe every bride deserves to have the wedding of her dreams,” says TEJANI founder and designer, Urvi Tejani.  “I’m humbled and grateful to help grant wedding wishes and to share her most important day.”


Kellie Walsh


Kellie Walsh

4Eyes Photography



About 4Eyes Photography

Kellie Walsh is a multi-award winning photographer with over 20 years experience in creative wedding, fashion and commercial photography.  Widely recognized as one of the very best photographers working in the wedding industry today, Kellie and her 4Eyes Photography team produce truly stunning, elegant and distinctively stylish imagery.  She explains, “The process should be relaxed and fun - which translates into gorgeous, whimsical and romantic photographs.”

Giving Back

4Eyes Photography has long been committed to the training and mentoring of new, young talent through their longstanding Intern and Assistant Photographer Programs.  The team is able to share knowledge and help aspiring photographers from a wide variety of backgrounds who might otherwise not been able to purse their photography dreams.


Ceci Johnson


Ceci Johnson

Ceci New York



About Ceci New York

Founded in 2004 by Ceci Johnson, Ceci New York is internationally heralded as the leader in couture invitation design and visual styling.  As an industry icon and the authority on inviting style, Ceci attracts a global clientele of royalty, A-List celebrities, and design savvy individuals alike.  Continuously setting the standards for luxury invitation design, Ceci New York seamlessly fuses a detailed artistic process with an intimate bespoke service to create original invitations that perfectly capture your style, spirit, and expectation in every element.

Whether you are dreaming of a destination wedding or an opulent classic wedding, Ceci New York has no limits in what they can create. Not only will you be amazed but your guests will be too!  “Ceci New York is dedicated to making your experience the ultimate in inviting.,” Ceci shares.  “The best parties in the world begin with a Ceci New York invitation.”

Giving Back

Ceci New York promotes the art of giving back through its generous support of various cancer foundations, a cause extremely close to Founder and Creative Director, Ceci Johnson's, heart. Additionally, Ceci New York's online magazine, CeciStyle, features various ways its readership can give back into the life of the global community. Ceci New York believes that the only way to make the future brighter is to resource the creation of hope today.


Leading Ladies in BridalPhoto courtesy 4Eyes Photography

Stacey Weinstein


Stacey Weinstein

Once Upon a Bride



About Once Upon a Bride

Once Upon a Bride is an agency representing top NYC hair and make-up artists who specialize in brides and her bridal part.  Stacey shares: “We bring our fashion-forward looks to brides, giving them personalized attention in creating their own look, which can range from clean and classic to modern and romantic.”

Giving Back

Every month, Once Upon a Bride makes a difference for animals by donating money to the ASPCA and Humane Society, making it possible for the organizations to reach and rescue animals in need.  The salon is also donates to Locks of Love, a public, non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. 


Ariane Goldman


Ariane Goldman

twobrids Bridesmaid



About twobirds Bridesmaid

twobirds Bridesmaid is a bridesmaid dress company that aims to marry a bride's vision with her bridesmaids' happiness.  “With designs that flatter women of all shapes and sizes, twobirds enables women to invest in beautiful pieces they can wear again after the wedding, thus killing 'two birds' with one dress!” owner Ariane Goldman explains.

Giving Back 

twobirds Bridesmaid donates unworn, new dresses to LA’s Prom Closet, a 100% volunteer nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping young women in high school attend their senior prom by providing students new and used gowns.  In addition, twobirds supports the New York City Garment Center as all of our gowns are made locally in NYC.



Jacqueline Weppner


Jacqueline Weppner

Merci New York



About Merci New York

With runway fashion playing an increasingly influential role in the Bridal market, Manhattan-based fashion styling house Merci New York is both refuge and reference for the chic city bride. Merci New York works hand in hand with brides, editorial clients and photographers to develop flawless, cohesive and beautifully styled fashion stories that showcase their clients' style and aesthetic.

In addition to their private styling services, brides worldwide can purchase a piece of Merci New York through freshly-launched Merci Style Shop on NewlyWish.com, filled with a range of beautiful accessories, many of which are one-of-a-kind and exclusive to Merci. “From the city-chic, to the vintage, to the classic bride, we feel we have a little something to accommodate everyone's personal style,” notes Merci founder, Jackie Weppner.

Giving Back 

Merci New York values the empowerment of women through the confidence personal style can inspire and is so pleased to aid in the provision of support and achievement to women worldwide through Dress for Success. Dress for Success Worldwide is an international non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of women. Though professional clothing drives, employment retention programs and ongoing support, Dress for Success supports every woman's ability to be self-sufficient and successful in her career.  


Gabriella Risatti


Gabriella Risatti

Gabriella New York



About Gabriella New York

“The belief at Gabriella New York is that shopping for a wedding gown should be memorable, personal and genuinely enjoyable,” founder Gabrielle Risatti explains.  The gracious and knowledgeable sales staff will work with each bride in the intimate and relaxed boutique to help select the perfect gown for each individual.

Giving Back

Gabriella Risatti is on the board for the upcoming New York City chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding.  Her strong involvement on both the board and in the boutique will give brides facing terminal illness and other life-changing events the wedding of their dreams, in the dress they’ve only dreamed about. 

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