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Tejani Bride and her Bridesmaids
Real TEJANI bride, Jennifer, with her bridesmaids

There’s no greater gift for your besties than one out of love, a special memento of your very special day.  Whether you want your girls sporting the same sparkles or not, bridesmaid jewelry is timeless and easy to match for both her personality and personal style.

Simple and Strapless

strapless bridesmaid dress

If you want to keep your bridesmaid jewelry look simple, try pieces that don’t overwhelm, but still shine.  Think understated elegance.  We love a slim silhouette necklace with bold stud earrings.

Pictured: Classic Round Necklace B161 with Vintage Stud Earrings B0695


Long and Glamorous

long bridesmaid dress

Leading with the thought long gowns are for formal occasions, I know no better way to glam up your girls than with statement jewelry.  Go from demure to dazzling with a stackable bracelet, decorated in intricate patterns or mixed gems.  For a polished look, opt for drop earrings.

Pictured: Pearl Drop Earrings B170 with Stackable Non-Openable Bracelet B0714


Asymmetrical and Modern

one-shoulder bridesmaid dress

One-shoulder bridesmaid dresses are great because they flatter most body shapes, but they aren’t as forgiving with accessories.  Skip the necklace  - it’s hard to right with an asymmetrical neckline – and bling your bridesmaids with a pretty pair of drop earrings and slim bangle.

Pictured: Classic Drop Earrings B0877DD with Classic Non-Openable Bracelet B159


All gowns pictured by Donna Morgan.

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<![CDATA[Bridesmaid Bracelets – Personalized Bridesmaid Gift ]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/bridesmaid-bracelets-personalized-bridesmaid-gift/ Bridesmaid Gifts by TEJANI

Bridesmaid Bracelets for the Perfect Wedding Gift


Your bridesmaids are not only there to celebrate your wedding with you, they are also there to offer their love, support and essential help on your special day.  Bridesmaids are also the special group of women who are there to make sure that your wedding ceremony and reception are both perfect and memorable. 

Because these are your closest friends or family members, and because they are there for you on your special day, it is important that you choose bridesmaid gifts that show your appreciation and tell each bridesmaid how special she is to you. One great wedding day gift for your bridesmaids is a beautiful bracelet that they can wear on the day of the wedding and for many years afterwards. 


Bracelets are Special Reminders of your Wedding

Every woman loves jewelry and bracelets let you thank your bridesmaids with a gift that celebrates your special day.  In addition, these bracelets are lasting keepsakes to remind your bridesmaids of your wedding every time they wear them at the many special occasions to come.  Bridesmaid bracelets are the perfect gift to thank your special friends and relatives for being such an important part of your wedding day. 

Bracelets are relatively inexpensive gifts, but they make a huge statement since they are extremely personal and thoughtful.  Unlike a necklace or earrings, a bracelet is the one special piece of jewelry that a woman can see at all times when she is wearing it, so it serves as a constant reminder of when she received it.  It’s sure to bring back happy memories of the occasion as well as of the giver.


Bracelets Can Be Personalized

Giving each woman a slightly different and individualized gift is a great way to show your appreciation while recognizing her individual style.  Oftentimes, bridesmaids will wear identical dresses so giving each one a unique bracelet is a way to let her own personality shine through even though she is dressed like the other members of the wedding party.  Charm bracelets or bracelets engraved with each of the bridesmaid's first names or initials make the gift personal and special. Another way to personalize bridesmaid bracelets is to choose bracelets that feature symbols that have personal significance to each person, like the bridesmaid's birthstone, favorite animal or significant symbol.  Another nice touch is to pick a bracelet in each of the bridesmaid's favorite color as long as they do not clash with the colors of your wedding.

It is becoming more and more popular to give jewelry to the bridesmaids to wear on the special day. It can look very glamorous and pulls together the whole wedding party.  But remember to choose bridesmaid bracelets that suit the style and taste of the women in your wedding party and not just the style of your wedding.  That way, they can wear their bridesmaid bracelets long after your wedding day and they will be sure to think of you every time they wear them.

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<![CDATA[Bridesmaid Jewelry – Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings ]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/bridesmaid-jewelry-bracelets-necklaces-earrings/ Bridesmaids with bride
Photo courtesy InStyle

Learn How to Select Bridesmaid Jewelry They Will Adore


Spread the Love! 

You love everything about them and you want them to love their bridesmaid jewelry.  Finding bridesmaid jewelry your ladies will adore can seem like a daunting task if they all have their own unique sense of style.  The truth is that there is no need to feel overwhelmed! Finding the perfect pieces can be simple if you know where to start. 

Bridesmaid jewelry is available in many forms and styles at Tejani.  Your wedding colors and other design features can easily be infused into a range of bridesmaid jewelry that your ladies will cherish for years to come.  In moments, you can select the perfect pieces to complement your wedding and their personal style.


Bridesmaid Jewelry: Where to Start 

Match the Dress

Before you begin shopping for bridesmaid jewelry you should select and purchase your ideal bridesmaid dresses.  The bridesmaid dresses will cue you as to what jewelry pieces will best accent and complete the look.  In many cases, a simple bridesmaid dress can be enhanced with several jewelry accents.


Match Existing Jewelry

On your journey finding bridesmaid jewelry you will come across a variety of earring, necklace, and bracelet options.  In some cases these pieces can be bundled together and offered at a more competitive price.  Bridesmaid jewelry sold alone or sold in a bundle should be selected carefully to ensure it complements the overall look and allows your ladies to feel comfortable throughout all the events.

Bridesmaid Chandelier Earrings Bridesmaid Non-Openable Bracelet BMB03
Bridesmaid Chandelier Earrings, $60 Bridesmaid Non-Openable Bracelet, $75



Match the Style

Once you have determined what pieces will work best with the dress it is time to move on to the style.  Quality bridal jewelers, such as Tejani, offer a wide range of styles to suit your wedding look.  Modern, glam, classic, and vintage styles are just a few of the options available at Tejani.  Each style encompasses a wide range of pieces from subtle delicate touches to larger statement pieces. 


The Cost of Bridesmaid Jewelry


It won't take long for you to realize that everything involving a wedding can cost more than you expect.  When you search for components, such as bridesmaid jewelry, it is possible to find deals and affordable options that meet your needs.   Tejani offers a diverse and absolutely stunning array of bridesmaid jewelry all priced to meet your bridal budget.  Every piece, for the bridesmaid or for the bride, is crafted with breathtaking gems, stones, cubic zirconia, and metal finishes.


Jewelry to Avoid

During your shopping experience you will also come across pieces you should avoid.  In many cases, larger statement pieces may be overwhelming or too extravagant for some members of your bridal party.  Take time to explore their personal sense of style and select key bridesmaid jewelry pieces that they will feel comfortable wearing all day long.

The expert consultants at Tejani can help to custom match your wedding colors and ideal sense of style into all of your bridesmaid jewelry pieces.  Once you understand where to begin your shopping journey, you will find all of your answers and ideal jewelry pieces at Tejani.

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<![CDATA[Bridesmaid Bracelets - Customized Wedding Jewelry ]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/bridesmaid-bracelets-customized-wedding-jewelry/ Bridesmaid Bracelets by Tejani

Bridesmaid Bracelets Make Great Wedding Day Gifts


The bride and groom spend a great deal of time and energy on selecting the perfect gift for the members of their bridal party.  For decades, bridesmaid bracelets have been a traditional present for a bride to give to her special ladies.

Bridesmaid bracelets are now available in personalized designs to reflect your wedding colors, wedding theme, and each your bridesmaids’ own personal sense of style.  Customizing a bridesmaid bracelet has never been so easy and so affordable.  Start your shopping journey by looking for a style that best meets the needs of each bridesmaid.


Personalized Bridesmaid Bracelets

The days have long passed where you need to give all of your bridal party the exact same gift.  Personalized and customized bridesmaid jewelry and bracelets can express you admiration for each unique bridesmaid in your wedding party.

Personalized Colors

Tejani offers several features that allow you to customize bridesmaid bracelets to complement your bridesmaid and the other specialized jewelry pieces.  Color is an easy addition to any bridesmaid bracelet.  Infusing your wedding colors into different style bracelets, or different shades of stones or gems can easily set one bridesmaid bracelet apart from the other. Bridesamid Bracelets BMB07 by Tejani

Personalized Style

The style of the bracelet itself can also be personalized for each bridesmaid.  Openable and non-openable bracelets can be selected based on size and design.  Each offers their own distinctive looks and some can be stacked for a more dramatic effect.   Selecting several different bracelets from the same design category can also help you personalize each bracelet while keeping the style consistent.  Bridesmaid bracelets can be chosen in modern, glam, classic, or vintage-inspired designs that will complement any bridesmaid dress or attire.

You know your friends well and that is why you want them standing next to you on the most important day of your life.  When you think back over the years it is often hard to ignore how much many of these ladies love jewelry!  Most women spend a great deal of time and effort selecting the perfect accessories for their daily attire and now it is up to you to choose gorgeous bridesmaid bracelets for your wedding day.

A Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Says More

Women who love jewelry admire the amazing detail and elegance of each bridesmaid bracelet.  These gifts easily become an important piece of their jewelry collection that they can enjoy for years to come.  Down the road you can expect to see these very bracelets emerge for special occasions or events almost as a tribute to your friendship and to your marriage. 

Bridesmaid bracelets are truly an amazing wedding day gift option that will not break your bridal budget.  Tejani’s high-quality bridesmaid jewelry is an affordable option that can be hand selected to meet your needs.   Each affordable piece is handcrafted from the finest stones, gems, pearls, cubic zirconia, and metals the industry has to offer.

Finding a unique bridesmaid bracelet that will express your gratitude and love for your bridesmaid is easy at Tejani.  You can shop for beautiful bracelets that will complement both your wedding and their personal style.

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<![CDATA[Unique Bridesmaid Jewelry – How to Find It]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/unique-bridesmaid-jewelry-hot-to-find-it/ Alison Conklin Photography - Bridesmaids
Photo by Alison Conklin Photography


Finding Unique Bridesmaid Jewelry


When you plan your wedding you tend to visit all the hottest bridal spots and websites.  After a while, some of the bridesmaid jewelry and other accessories can begin to look the same.  If you are ready to search for bridesmaid jewelry that is as unique as your bridal party you are ready to shop Tejani.

Tejani offers a diverse range of unique bridesmaid jewelry designed to complement any bridesmaid look or style.  Every bridesmaid is different and you can offer her a special gift that shows you understand her style and who she is as a person and as a friend.  Shop Tejani and create a look that is all her own.


Bridesmaid Jewelry: Today’s Bridesmaid

Today’s bridesmaid is ready to be there for every step of your journey.  Thanking her for her participation in all of your bridal events is easy and nearly effortless with the quality pieces from Tejani.  You both will always remember this time in your life.  Take the time to create amazing memories that you can share for years to come.

Tejani helps you to celebrate these moments with incredible design and quality.  Each handcrafted piece combines high-quality stones, gems, cubic zirconia, metals, and finishes into unique pieces of art.  Your bridal party will be astonished by the unique designs and you will be delighted how easily they fit into your budget.

Bridesmaid jewelry can include  bridesmaid earrings, a necklace, bracelets, and hair accessories.   Together all of these items combine to accessorize almost any style bridesmaid dress or other attire.  On your journey to find unique pieces for your bridesmaid you can begin by looking to your wedding colors.

Tejani Unique Bridesmaid Jewelry

Wedding colors can be infused into almost any piece of jewelry.  Rich hues from a wide variety of gems and stones can be arranged to compliment flowers, the dress, and other décor that bears you specific color combination.  Adding color is only the beginning!  Tejani offers many unique styles including classic, modern, glam, and vintage inspired pieces to choose from.  These amazing designs can them be showcased in one of four inspiring finishes completing each bridesmaid jewelry piece.

Thinking outside of the box is fun when shopping for bridesmaid jewelry!  Consider stacking a series of color bangles or layering hair accessories along with earrings and necklaces sets.  The experts at Tejani have also created bundles to make the shopping experience even easier.  Bundles can feature earring, a necklace, and bracelet combinations all selected to complement each other in the chosen category.  If you are wondering what bridesmaid jewelry sets work and enhance the others the Tejani experts are always available to answer questions online or in the NYC showroom.

Choosing bridesmaid jewelry is an experience you will remember for a lifetime.  Give your girls the gift of quality, unique pieces they will remember always and cherish for a lifetime.  Tejani offers countless possibilities so your bridal party will never look exactly like another.  Celebrate their diversity with premium bridesmaid jewelry that is affordable and sensible.

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<![CDATA[Bridesmaid Necklaces – Types ]]> http://www.tejani.com/blog/bridesmaid-necklaces-types/  Simply Bloom Photo - Bridesmaid Necklace
Photo by Simply Bloom Photography

Explore the Types of Bridesmaid Necklaces


Bridesmaid necklaces can be just as unique as your bridesmaid.  Matching each bridesmaid with their own unique necklace can be a fun and challenging task for a bride.  You can also ensure that all of your ladies are similar by choosing the same piece for everyone.  Tejani can help you find key bridesmaid pieces to fit any size and style bridal party.

Your wedding is your chance to select all of the details you always dreamt of.  Choosing the perfect bridesmaid necklaces is another important piece of the puzzle that requires your time and energy.  Turn to the quality pieces and expert consultants at Tejani for all of your bridesmaid jewelry needs.  In some cases, the necklace is just the beginning!


Bridesmaid Necklaces to Choose From

Classic, modern, glam, and vintage inspired are just a few styles that you can shop for bridesmaid necklaces.  All of the categories encompass breathtaking pieces that can add the right amount of detail and shine to every person in your bridal party.   Explore the design categories that closest match your overall wedding theme.


Classic and Modern Bridesmaid Necklaces

Classic and modern bridesmaid necklaces can add a fresh, clean accessory to the current ensemble.   These pieces include classic round shapes, y-shapes and statement shapes.  The subtle details within each category help to showcase the premium gems, stones, cubic zirconia, and wide range of finishes.


Glam Bridesmaid Necklaces

Glam can be the perfect word to describe some of the ladies in your bridal party! Glam jewelry pieces can add attention grabbing shine and glimmer to their dress, shoes, and other accessories.   Glam bridesmaid necklaces will often include larger statement pieces that feature many of the same subtle details mentioned above, but in there own diverse style.  A mixture of silver, antique silver, gold, and antique gold finished can turn any piece into a glam attention grabber.

Vintage Rounad Necklace by Tejani

Vintage Bridesmaid Necklaces

Brides are choosing vintage inspired wedding themes and the perfect bridesmaid jewelry can support that overall theme.  Vintage styles combined with new materials describe the lush variety of bridesmaid necklaces available in this category.  You can combine all the fun design details of decades passed with fresh gems, stones, and finishes your bridal party is sure to love.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to unique bridesmaid necklaces from Tejani.  Classic, modern, glam, and vintage styles only just begin to describe the vast depth and breadth of pieces you can choose from.   Bridesmaid necklaces are also the perfect place to infuse you wedding color scheme.  Bring out all of your best bridal elements through a handcrafted Tejani necklace designed for your wedding and your special bridal party.

When you shop for bridesmaid necklaces you can also consider beautiful jewelry for the other important women in your celebration.  Many brides choose to purchase complimentary necklaces for the matron of honor or other close family or individuals.  They are your best friends, closest relatives, and most important women in your life.  Select quality Tejani bridesmaid necklaces that they will cherish and wear for years to come and can make a wonderful bridesmaid gifts

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