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On the Red Carpet - - The Oscars 2014

Mar 4, 2014 2:35:35 PM // Posted In: 0

Red Carpet on Aisle Style

Hello my dear Brides,

I absolutely loved the Oscars this weekend, the jewels were incredible!  Some of my fave's are listed below and oh! I do hope you enjoy these gorgeous bridal accessories we've selected.  Remember, your wedding is a memory, dress the part, and shine...become a star.

Oscar nominee and winning actresses Lupita Nyong'o, Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie, Naomi Watts, and Emma Watson all wore the most exquisite jewelry at the awards.   For you we've selected a few special bridal pieces below that matched those beautiful styles.

Starting first with Lupita Nyong'o and Emma Watson, both wore head pieces to adorn their crowns while the accessories accented varying necklines.   A simple addition to add sparkle to any one's beauty and radiate the goddess in all of us.

Lupita Nyong'o wears a dazzling headband with a low neck line baby blue chiffon evening gown.  Have the graceful look with the HIMA headband at Tejani.com and see the other styles to adorn yourself.



            HIMA Headband at Tejani.com

Emma Watson's hair is styled with star shaped hair pins and paired well with a star-dusted graphite crew neck evening gown.  For your wedding get your Star Style with LIMA by Tejani .



   Star Style with LIMA by Tejani

From the crown downward, beautiful droplets cast raindrop shapes along the neck of Angelina Jolie.  A simple approach to accessorizing a fully beaded gown.  Present yourself bold like Jolie, and wear our Tanushi Drops by Tejani on your wedding day. 


            Tanushi Drops by Tejani

Ladies, did you see the insanely gorgeous necklace Naomi Watts wore to the Oscars?  Absolutely stunning, a must have if your wedding is coming up.   The design Naomi wears has interconnecting lines, and at Tejani, we have a gorgeous one to match, lines that flow down your neckline, embracing every one of our beautiful curves.  Get the necklace that symbolizes the circle of life with the Aboli Round by Tejani.



Aboli Round by Tejani


Among the stars, Margot Robbie stood with confidence on the Red Carpet.  Her new hair color creates a beautiful contrast and shows the brilliance to her round stud necklace, a style that never looks dated. Purchase the Bijal Classic Round Necklace by Tejani and have a necklace that is priceless.



Bijal Classic Round Necklace by Tejani


Thank you Oscar ladies, you've made my week!  Brides I have so many beautiful bridal designs just waiting to show you!    Please stop in and see me online at Tejani.com where all your bridal accessory needs are met!




Find additional Hair Bridal beauty and accessory tips here:

Bridal Hair & Bridal Accessories


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Pearls for Every Bride

Feb 26, 2014 10:34:16 AM // Posted In: 0

Pearls, pearls, pearls!

If you love pearls, but aren’t sure how to incorporate them into your wedding day theme, then Tejani has the answer! Tejani carries so many different faux-pearl items that our pieces will fit into almost every theme! From beach weddings to the most formal affair, we have awesome pearl jewelry styles just for you!!

Resort weddings at tropical destinations, such as the Bahamas or Hawaii, are popular for brides who like intimate gatherings and relaxing atmospheres. Real pearls come from oysters, so obviously pearl-inspired resort styles will flow perfectly with your laid-back, beach wedding!




Pearls are the obvious choice for any romantic wedding theme! Weddings that fall in this category can be anything from your classic church wedding to an elegant black-tie affair! Brides who choose this theme are classic, sensible, and chic.  

From the queen of glam to the flower-child, even free spirited ladies who opt for weddings in nature can enjoy pearls! Whether you’re getting married in the middle of a colorful garden, or a whimsical forest, rocking a fun stud, tribal statement necklace or stacking on bracelets, will pull your boho-chic wedding look together!




Vintage Brides will find that their perfect wedding takes place in a rustic barn, a Parisian-inspired lodge, or someplace quaint with a 1920s charm! Vintage brides love handmade items! You can be sure that the vintage bride’s wedding will have a unique and personalized touch, just like our jewelry! Don’t forget to add our antique-finish to your chosen vintage-style pieces!

Pearls are the obvious choice for any romantic wedding theme! Weddings that fall in this category can be anything from your classic church wedding to an elegant black-tie affair! Brides who choose this theme are classic, sensible, and chic.




Having a big, glamorous wedding doesn’t necessarily mean huge crystals, (though it doesn’t hurt) because pearls can have the same alluring effect!  Our Soma pearl chandelier earrings, Lavanya Pearl Bracelet & Jiya long statement necklace will help you nail the bombshell look for your big day. Glamorous themes such as Vegas, Hollywood, and “The Great Gatsby” fall under this category!





Vintage Inspired Collection

Feb 15, 2014 8:39:18 AM // Posted In: 0

Vintage pieces of fashion are defined by their heritage, craftsmanship and quality. There are many ways to find quality vintage pieces; you can search high and low at thrift shops, sneak a peak into your grandmother’s jewelry box, or simply point and click for your perfect vintage piece at Tejani!  

vintage collage

  We’ve always offered vintage accessories and the option of adding the finish of antique silver or gold to give that vintage-feeling to any piece of your choosing, but now we have a NEW collection for lovers of all things vintage! We are introducing our one-of-a-kind pieces with a new finish.  These vintage pieces look amazing with vintage-style gowns with lace, intricate patterns and ivory coloring. They were made specially for the style-savvy vintage bride.

Brides often opt for vintage accessories because vintage goes well with so many different themes! Anything ranging from a romantic, Parisian themed wedding to a rustic, southern style wedding calls for vintage accessories!

Our Ekash Vintage Chandelier earrings will look gorgeous with any ivory or lace dress! 


Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a modern dress and want to go a vintage route with your accessories! That works too! Our Ekana Vintage Chandelier Earrings are a great contrast to keep you in tune with your wedding’s theme. 


If you’re opting for a statement necklace or if you just like to keep it simple, then these chic, vintage studs are a perfect pair! Our Aasha Statement Studs are uniquely designed and add just the right amount of style. 


If you’re more of a classic bride, then you can’t go wrong with our Anshi Classic Drop Earrings. These drop earrings will make you look more stunning than ever as you walk down the aisle!



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Wedding Traditions

Feb 5, 2014 9:42:40 AM // Posted In: 0

Have you ever wondered why a Bride carries a bouquet with her down the aisle? Or why she wears a veil? Originally most traditions derived from warding off spirits and bringing luck into a marriage. However, if you don’t believe in evil spirits, it’s still fun to participate in the traditions of a wedding like throwing the bouquet, wearing a garter, and going on a honeymoon.

At Tejani our favorite tradition derives from an old English Rhyme: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...”

Every bride gathers these items together to represent a distinct part of the Bride. Something old represents the bride’s past, something new represents her bright future, something borrowed is an item borrowed from a woman who is already happily married to bring the new bride good luck. Something blue signifies fidelity, love and purity of the bride…and for buying Tejani!


We have tons to choose from when it comes to earrings! Vintage, drop, classic and romantic blue jewels! 



If you want to add a pop of color distinct from your jewelry, then you can’t say no to this clutch! It will encase all of your wedding day essentials while looking super chic in photos!


blue clutch


We’ve even added several “something blue” sets into the mix!



At Tejani, we love wedding traditions and we’re

so excited to share our new collection with our lovely brides!

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Jan 21, 2014 7:27:02 AM // Posted In: 0

Our favorite pieces from the new 2014 collection!



Our Spring 2014 collection is finally here! We’re so excited to introduce to you a whole new look for Tejani! We’ll never forget our classic roots, but we are having so much fun embracing totally different, new trends and styles!

            We’re taking 2014 by storm and introducing brand new clutches, a never-before-seen resort wear collection, fabulous new vintage pieces and, keeping with our classic roots, a something blue collection! Needless to say Urvi’s been very busy gearing up for 2014 (Tejani’s tenth anniversary!).

From your wedding day to girls night out, our clutches can go anywhere! --We’ve added so many it was hard to choose just one as our favorite!

            After a great debate, the winner had to be this gorgeous patterned silver bag! The details that go into this handbag must be seen in person! The design is meticulous and will have all of your guests jealous and gushing! It’s also made in a hard casing which gives this bag a long lasting quality for your collection. 


Favorite Clutch


Next up is our vintage collection! These vintage designs are great for unique brides wishing to have a chic look on their wedding day. All of our new earrings and necklaces are fantastic for your vintage/rustic themed wedding. The darker color also works perfectly with off-white and other quirky colors you decide for a dress!

            My personal favorites are these gorgeous drop earrings! The sparkle is perfect to add that touch of glam! These are great especially if you’re going low-key with everything else! 

Vintage Earrings


Our new resort wear has tons of new statement necklaces that will look perfect on the beach! All of our new pieces are perfect for the beach wedding dress look! You’re guaranteed to look fun and fresh with these designs! I love the bright colors and gorgeous statement design of our new necklace! Make sure you’re wearing the right neckline for this fun piece!



Our something blue collection combines earrings and a fantastic clutch! My favorite is the most colorful of our collection! These earrings have blue, but also green and purple and silver and orange! All of the colors mesh perfectly together. This something-blue earring is multi-faceted and could work for vintage and destination themes, too! The shape is to die for and the crystals will have you glistening all the way down the aisle.


            Finally, our new pearl statement necklace is brand new to the Tejani collection! This necklace is a never-before-seen high-fashion piece that is the ultimate adornment! Only the most confident and fierce bride could rock this down the aisle!


            Despite playing favorites, we love every new piece of jewelry coming to bridal this February. Each of our new pieces is beautiful and unique in their own way! The perfect piece of jewelry for your wedding is waiting just for you at Tejani!

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Celebrity Weddings 2014

Jan 10, 2014 3:41:06 PM // Posted In: 0

What will your favorite celebrities wear down the aisle this year?


We’ve compiled a list of our 5 favorite celebrities getting married in 2014 and made some jewelry trend predictions based on each starlet’s look!


1. Kim Kardashian

Kim usually opts for big studs or chandelier earrings, but we’d love to see her in a classic drop earring, the best of both worlds! We usually see her in things on the trendier side, so our Ranita Classic Openable Bracelet would go great with her up-to-the-minute wedding dress. 


2. Lauren Conrad

Despite Lauren Conrad’s bohemian-influenced style, she is very minimal with her jewelry choices. She definitely won’t be opting for any statement pieces on her wedding day. This California native will keep it simple with studs & her favorite, bracelets. If there is one item of jewelry Conrad doesn’t stray from it’s bracelets. We’d love to see her traipse down the aisle with a stacked bangle set by Tejani.  

Stacking bracelets also gives her the option of removing or adding them from wedding to reception! Lauren is a classic romantic sort of bride, but she also loves fun, short dresses, so we think she will opt for two looks at her wedding: a romantic long dress for the ceremony and a playful, short dress at the reception. The stackable bracelets are perfect for either! She could keep it simple with one or two bangles at the ceremony and stack ‘em on for the reception! 


3. Leighton Meester

The future Mrs. Adam Brody, actually wears a lot of statement jewelry! However, no piece of jewelry has ever managed to overpower the brunette beauty! Meester isn’t afraid of statement earrings on the red carpet, so we’re sure she’ll be rocking them down the aisle. A charming cuff, like our Arpita Classic Openable Bracelet, will tie the entire look together! If Leighton opts for gold, like she did on the red carpet, she can get any pieces special made in a gold finish at Tejani! 



4. Scarlett Johansson

Scar Jo isn’t afraid to make a statement on the red carpet. Out of all of these ladies, she’ll be the most likely to rock a statement necklace down the aisle! Johansson is usually seen with an updo on the red carpet, so why not at her wedding? But it’s a special day, so we think she should enhance her I Do Updo with our stunning Ina Classic Hairpins! 

5. Olivia Wilde

You’ll never see the future Mrs. Sudeikis strutting the red carpet without a matching handbag. Ms. Wilde understands the importance that a clutch can play for your wedding day! Sure she won’t hold it down the aisle, but you definitely need a cute bag filled with the essentials that won’t look tacky in a photo! Whether she wears her hair up or down, drop earrings, like our Kate’s Drop Earring, will perfectly frame Olivia Wilde’s striking features. 




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Destination Weddings

Dec 25, 2013 10:23:25 AM // Posted In: 0

            Can you picture it? Gorgeous sandy beaches, clear blue water, and palm trees galore! Wherever you choose for your destination wedding you’re guaranteed it will be beautiful and memorable!

            Fun, flirty girls with free-spirited attitudes and a taste for adventure often opt for destination weddings. Who can resist the allure of a tropical getaway? The sound of wind and waves at the beach, exciting new experiences and places to explore! Whether you are there for laid-back sun tanning, adventure zip lining or for the festive nightlife there’s a perfect resort out there for you.

And once you’ve found it, the real fun begins! At Tejani we’ve added to our gorgeous collection including one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by destination & resort weddings. From earrings and necklaces to handbags and bangles, the new resorts collection by Tejani is full of fun, charming pieces that will match your beach-y attire!

The dresses for destination weddings are usually light, willowy, sheer & chiffon. (Not many brides want to wear a ball gown on the beach.) So your jewelry needs to match the flirty, free-spirited style. Our colorful, new pieces are perfect for your paradise-inspired look. And since you’re spending money on travel and hotel you’ll want your jewelry to be on point…and easy on your pocket book!

 You’ll be the shining star on the beach wearing Tejani.





These gorgeous and distinct earrings resemble stones sparkling in the sand.


Fun hair pieces to keep your strands in place and add to your ‘do.


Look out for our new resort wear collection coming this Spring!!

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The Best of Old Hollywood’s Style Icons

Dec 14, 2013 11:48:18 AM // Posted In: 0

Who can resist the allure of Vintage Hollywood? Glamour, prestige, charm, beauty; take all of these, plus the most romantic era in Hollywood, and the result is one glamorous wedding day!

best of

            If you’re the type of girl who combed through “Marilyn’s Red Diary” and can quote every line from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, then perhaps an Old Hollywood theme is perfect for you!

For your bridal look, stars like Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor embody the look of Old Hollywood glam. The iconic trends of the era included red lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows, a signature do (a la Audrey Hepburn’s French twist), and lots of jewels!

For an evening out, the ladies of the era always chose BIG jewelry.  If the jewels couldn’t be seen from across the room, then they were a definite no! To achieve a similar look, go for statement pieces with lots of shine.


marilyn monroe

Crystal is Marilyn’s best friend.


sophia lauren

Statement earrings and a statement necklace only emphasize Sophia Loren’s amazing bone structure.


 Sculptured chandelier earrings & necklaces create an enchanting look for Elizabeth Taylor on the red carpet.


Without a Hollywood budget, diamonds may not be within your reach, but with Tejani Jewelry you can achieve the same Old Hollywood bridal look with another gorgeous, long-lasting, quality product -- Australian Crystal.  Never sacrifice quality or taste.

No matter what you choose for your wedding day, wear it with pride.

“The best accessory a girl can own is confidence.” - Sophia Loren.

 Check out our Old Hollywood Glamour Pinterest board to inspire more looks for your wedding! à http://www.pinterest.com/tejanijewelry/old-hollywood-glamour/

Bridal Hair Styles: The Perfect Hair For Your Wedding Day

Dec 5, 2013 9:24:38 AM // Posted In: 0


 Do you need to wear a hair accessory at your wedding? Of course not, but it definitely helps! Some brides-to-be love hair accessories and its just a part of their everyday style. These girls have a collection of headbands, hairpins, bows & hats! Other brides can’t be bothered, except on their wedding days! All of Tejani’s hair accessories are chic and classy; our accessories are showstoppers, but never overwhelming. Weddings are about bringing two people in love together, not the oversized peacock on the Bride’s head.

NEVER get one-upped by your wedding hair accessory, or any accessory for that matter. Adding hairpins, combs & headbands to dress up your overall hairstyle can be just what you need to complete your look. Accessories for your hair can have an even bigger impact on women with short hairstyles. Shorter hair can limit your wedding hairstyle choices, but luckily hair accessories change all of that! Once you add accessories into the mix you can take any good hairstyle and make it great!

If you choose a veil and find that it is just a bit lacking, combs can be attached to veils and instantly add a bit of shine. 

For low buns add a jeweled comb for a touch of flair.


 If you like to keep it simple with long or short straight hair, try adding a long hairpin!


Get any up-do sparkling with pretty hairpins.


 For daring brides, choose a statement comb!


 We have the items for transforming any bridal hairstyle! 

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5 Ways to Style Your Wedding Gown With Tejani Jewelry

Nov 17, 2013 4:19:19 PM // Posted In: 0

The fun isn’t over when you’ve finally got your wedding dress! It’s only just beginning! To complete your bridal look you still have to choose your shoes, hairstyle and, of course, your jewelry! While there are many different aspects that go into deciding what jewelry is best for your day, such as theme & personal style, there are some rules when it comes to choosing your jewelry. You need a plan of what will work with your dress. This is especially true with girls who choose to order online. But rest assured, if you stick to these simple rules you will look your best on your wedding day.


1) For one shoulder/asymmetrical dresses forgo the necklace in exchange for a cute cuff to balance out your bare shoulder.


Blog Nov 15



2) Sweetheart necklines are great for necklace lovers because you can wear a statement necklace even if your bodice has a crystal or beaded pattern like below.


Classic Round Necklace


3) For square necklines, you’ll need a good pair of earrings. Try to avoid huge chandelier earrings or little studs that can get hidden in your hair. A short drop earring works best with this neckline.





4)  If you love statement earrings, then I hope you chose a halter dress! You can wear the biggest pair of earrings you like with this style!


5) For a round scoop neckline, try a short chunky necklace with a pendant!





There are many factors that go into choosing your perfect wedding day jewelry, but these are great tips to keep in handy. Don’t forget to take advantage of Urvi’s FREE styling advice. Email your bridal/evening wear jewelry questions along with a photo of your dress to Urvi@tejani.com